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Heian Inc. is currently seeking capable persons who are highly environmentally conscious and are capable of giving effort for the future of the planet.
Interested persons should apply with the form on our website or by telephone.

Work description Aluminum recycling, iron recycling, manufacture and selection of other second-hand components, and shipment of raw materials (automotive engines)
Business description Aluminum recycling, processed iron scrap, manufacture and sales
Number of persons A few
Salary Based on our company's daily wage sheet (the daily wage varies by department). Our company has a three-month probationary employment period
Bonuses Twice a year(We have the results)
Workplace (1)Kyoto (main factory and secondary factory)
(2)Chiba (Kanto factory)
Working hours (1)8:00 − 17:30 ⁄ 20:00 − 5:30 (shift system, with possible overtime, and shifts include a 90-minute break)
(2)7:00 − 16:30/19:00 − 4:30 (shift system, with possible overtime, and shifts include a 90-minute break)
Vacations Shift system (one or two days a week) with vacations in the summer, at the beginning and end of the year, as well as paid leave * Based on the company calendar
Company insurance Employment insurance, disaster insurance, health insurance, welfare pension, and others
Items to submit Resume (with photo attached)
Contact information

Heian Inc.

(1)Home Office」 (Kyoto)
Tel. 0774-44-7777

(2)Kanto factory (Chiba)
Tel. 047-481-7755

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