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Introduces the international standard ISO 14001 certification for environmental management that we acquired to unite our company as we aim to be a more reliable company.

Acquisition of the ISO 14001 certification

Through our enactment of "environmental policies" and the establishment of "environmental manuals," we at Heian Inc. have been advancing toward being a reliable company by unifying our staff and aiming for further progress.

Therefore, in the autumn 2002, we acquired the ISO14001 certification, which is an international standard for environmental management. Acquiring this certification was not a goal, but merely a single realization of the philosophy of Heian.

In the future, we will continue to push our field of view into the environment at a global level.

ISO 14001 appendix

ISO 14001 appendix

Number of employees who hold certifications as managers in charge of pollution control (current as of January 2015)

  • relating to dioxins: 4 persons
  • relating to the atmosphere, third class: 4 persons

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