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We contribute to the conservation of the global environment through recycling.

Since our establishment in 1974, we have continued being concerned with the melting and extraction of aluminum from scrap engines to this day. Aluminum is a material that is essential to our everyday lives. Aluminum is used as a material as thin as paper, such as in aluminum foil, and is also used in sliding door frames, automobiles, trains, and even airplanes. Aluminum is light, approximately one third the weight of iron, and is a metal that transforms into casting material or aluminum alloy through the addition of elements such as magnesium, silicon, and copper.

The discovery of aluminum as a metal element was approximately 200 years ago. Iron, as a byproduct of mined gold, had already begun to be refined around 2800 BCE; therefore, we could say that aluminum is a relatively new metal to human beings. The uses of aluminum have expanded since the industrial revolution during which aluminum was discovered and the methods of refining and smelting were developed.

In order to produce aluminum, bauxite is mined and refined and smelted with a large amount of electrical energy. Virgin ingot made from bauxite consumes energy that could be called "electrical canning." For the sake of future generations and for the progress of maintainable societies, it would be desirable for us to harmonize the three Es - economy, energy, and environment.

Even in the future, our company, through robust operation, will continue to protect aluminum as a self-sustainable and reusable element in our country with a limited supply of resources.

Managing Director, Yasushi Yamamoto

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